Our Philosophy

Our firm’s mission is to provide high quality legal services in the field of intellectual property with professionalism, integrity, and respect for our clients and the community. In doing this, we aim for a collegial working atmosphere while recognizing that our principal goal is to serve our clients effectively.

LifeTech IP // Spies & Behrndt Patent Attorneys PartG mbB was founded in 2016 by two experienced patent attorneys, each representing worldwide leading enterprises (e.g., information technologies industries), smaller & medium enterprises and research institutes .

A primary concept of our firm – based on the experience and areas of practice areas of our patent attorneys – is to build bridges between different technical fields and to focus on technologies at the interface among classical industry sectors. In this sense, the generic name of our firm. “LifeTech IP” represents “Technologies for a Better Life”.

Alongside “classical IP services” – such as prosecution of patent applications, trademarks, and designs – we practice in additional fields of IP law such as opposition and appeal proceedings before the EPO and GPTO, assistance in litigation matters, the provision of freedom-to-operate and infringement opinions, due diligence analyses, the preparation of licensing agreements, and IP portfolio management.

Our working atmosphere is based on respect and professionalism: we encourage not only supportive attitude and common bond but also respect for the individual and diversity among our team members.

Our incentive is to exceed our clients’ expectations. Approachability and responsiveness are one of our strengths but we always go the extra mile in order to tailor a creative and budget-oriented solution to a particular IP challenge.

Our firm’s philosophy is based on the belief that our attorneys should also be engaged beyond law practice. This results in a strong basis for effective communication with our clients, inventors and foreign colleagues. Our international and multi-technical background enables us to quickly understand new technologies and protect them in the form of IP rights. We build bridges from innovations to their commercialization – on a global scale.

We are convinced that the next level of innovation will be driven by a coalescence of existing technologies from different technical fields. Multi-technical knowledge, communication skills and expert collaboration will thus be required to address this task and provide for comprehensive protection of such newly emerging technologies. It is our aim to support our clients in this challenge.