Klaus Behrndt

Klaus Behrndt studied Physics at the Universities of Greifswald and Berlin (HU). His diploma thesis was about boundary effects in phase transitions of second order and his PhD about string theory (high energy physics). He holds the qualification of a university professor in theoretical physics which he received from Humboldt University Berlin.

During his academic career he held research positions with the Deutsche Elektronensynchrotron Hamburg, the Universities Berlin and Munich, the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (USA), the California Institute of Technology (USA), the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Golm and the MPI for Physics in Munich.

Klaus Behrndt started his career in IP in 2006 and completed the European bar exam in 2009 and the German bar exam in 2010. Since then he has worked as a patent attorney for several IP law firms until 2016.

In his professional capacity as patent attorney he has gained technical and legal expertise in a broad area of technology and patent law. In particular, he prepares patent applications for filing with the German, European or US Patent Office and has gained experience over many years in several opposition/appeal proceedings before the EPO. He represents his clients in the prosecution of national or foreign patent applications. As a patent attorney he also provides legal advice such as freedom-to-operate analyses and helps his clients to comply with the German Employee Invention Act.

Klaus Behrndt has gained technical expertise specifically in the following areas:

  • automotive technology (braking systems, autonomous driving, airbags)
  • radar systems (positioning and imaging)
  • semiconductor technology (including photovoltaic systems, RF filter, CCD-devices, LED, OLED, power transistors)
  • various sensor devices, image recognition, optical filter
  • digital signal processing (mobile communication, video- and audio coding, MPEG, SBR, data compression)
  • machine learning, quantum computer
  • hardware simulation of chip designs, cryptography
  • medical devices (injection devices, tools for medical analyses)
Dr. Klaus Behrndt

Dr. Klaus Behrndt

Partner, German and European Patent Attorney

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